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Extended Bio

Emily’s distinguished work as a multi-term Judicial Law Clerk at the Mississippi State Supreme Court for Presiding Justice Jess H. Dickinson and Justice Randy J. Pierce, remains a cornerstone of her career. During this period, she immersed herself in legal research and contributed significantly to the drafting of judicial opinions. Notably, Emily earned the distinction of becoming the first individual to be appointed as a salaried law clerk by court order prior to graduating from law school, a clear marker of her legal acumen and the trust vested in her by the highest echelons of the state judiciary. This role served as a prelude to her providing seasoned guidance and thought leadership in her subsequent professional pursuits.


Emily translated her sophisticated understanding of complex legal matters into premier ghostwriting services for other law firms. This service not only underscores her proficiency in intricate legal issues but also her ability to convey nuanced legal arguments effectively. Emily’s ghostwriting service has remained a resource for other practitioners who require analysis and drafting on novel or complex litigation matters.


Emily’s legal career is further augmented by her strategic consulting experience within the aerospace defense sector. Her role involved translating complex strategies into actionable insights that drove market growth and navigated the nuanced dynamics of both public and private sectors. Her aptitude in this domain demonstrates her versatile understanding of business objectives in highly specialized and technologically advanced industries.


Under her leadership, Declercq Law Firm has embraced innovation, fostering collaborative ties with an expansive network of law professionals, ensuring a rich pool of expertise is tapped into for every case. The firm's ethos, driven by Emily's diverse knowledge and strategic acumen, cements its status as a dynamic force equipped to navigate the ever-evolving legal landscape.


At each juncture, Emily has demonstrated a profound dedication to legal excellence, from spearheading projects to attract pro bono representation for marginalized groups to systematically addressing complex litigation issues for high-profile cases without disclosing sensitive client information. Her reputation for thorough, results-driven strategies stands as a testament to her relentless pursuit of justice and client satisfaction.

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