Business Transactions & General Counsel On Demand

All businesses, regardless of size, need superior legal advice and representation. Large corporations may maintain salaried in-house counsel to anticipate and respond to their legal needs. But smaller businesses, which may lack the need and resources to staff their own legal department, still require and deserve high-quality legal support.

With both an M.B.A. and a law degree, attorney Emily Declercq doesn’t just understand business law; she understands business needs. Declercq Law Firm, PLLC works with small and mid-size business owners to offer the legal guidance they need to grow and thrive. We work with our clients to tailor our services to their needs, so they get the help they want in the most cost-effective way possible.

Customized Legal Drafting and Counsel for New Jersey and New York Businesses

Business is about relationships. Your relationship with your clients, your vendors and suppliers, your partners, and your employees are the foundation upon which your business is built. At Declercq Law, we help strengthen those relationships by drafting the agreements and documents that define them.

Disputes arise when parties lack clarity about their rights and responsibilities. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to have contracts that are carefully drafted, negotiated, and reviewed. Agreements should be designed to meet your needs and to protect your interests. They should be specific enough to avoid confusion and minimize exposure, and flexible enough to allow for the circumstances that arise in real life.

Attorney Emily Declercq understands how a clause in a contract translates into real-life risk or reward, and negotiates terms that enable you to advance your goals and protect your bottom line.

Declercq Law assists business clients with a variety of agreements and contracts, including:

  • Vendor contracts
  • Operational contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Lease negotiations
  • Consulting agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Commercial lease drafting and review
  • Residential lease drafting and review
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • LLC operating agreements
  • Sales or service contract review
  • Articles of organization
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Letters of intent
  • Indemnification agreements

The purpose of a contract is to spell out the terms of an agreement, and to avoid disputes before they arise. Cutting corners in the creation of a contract often leads to unnecessary litigation over imprecise contract terms that should have been drafted clearly at the outset. Declercq Law believes in investing a relatively small amount of resources, through meticulous drafting early on, in order to avoid a costly lawsuit later. As they say, good fences make good neighbors, and the same is true with contracts that are drafted effectively.

Unlike many business attorneys, Emily Declercq is a litigator as well as a transactional attorney. Her experience in the courtroom helps her to draft contracts effectively to minimize the risk of future litigation. Of course, in business, some disputes are unavoidable. When those inevitable cases arise, Emily is well-equipped to advocate for her clients in court.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Small and Midsize Businesses

At every stage of their development, businesses require a range of legal services. Declercq Law is here to help with the issues that New York and New Jersey businesses face, including:

  • Business formation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financing
  • Document review
  • Real estate matters
  • Business transitions and dissolution
  • In-court representation
  • Defense of breach of contract
  • Enforcement of contract terms
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Settlement negotiation
  • General business counsel
  • Strategic business planning
  • Risk mitigation assessment
  • Litigation risk audits
  • Business dispute resolution
  • Foreign entity registration
  • Buying and selling of businesses
  • Drafting website terms and conditions

Declercq Law is available to consult with you regarding your business’s legal needs, whether you need a single, specific service or the confidence of having an attorney at the ready for issues that arise as your business grows and changes. Business is built on relationships; we look forward to being one of the relationships that helps to build yours.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation; we look forward to working with you.