New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act Attorney

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is one of the most comprehensive consumer protection laws in the country. Originally intended for the state Attorney General to use in lawsuits protecting consumers, the law was eventually expanded to let private citizens bring lawsuits on their own behalf.

A consumer fraud case typically involves a loss of money that is significant to the person who was defrauded, but the effort and time involved in a lawsuit discourages the consumer from suing the responsible party. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act contains provisions designed to compensate the injured consumer, punish dishonest actors, and make it worthwhile for attorneys to help private citizens get justice.

Declercq Law Firm represents private citizens and businesses who have been defrauded, as well as defending contractors and others who have been unfairly sued under the Act. Emily Declercq represents a broad range of parties in litigation, ranging from homeowners who have received deficient home construction and home improvement services to professional athletes.

Consumer fraud occurs in a number of industries, including:

  • Home repair
  • Home improvement
  • Home contracting services
  • Auto sales
  • Health clubs
  • Telecommunications
  • Sale of home goods and furnishings
  • “Rent-to-own” companies
  • Entertainment and sports ticket resale
  • Real estate
  • Banks and lenders

Justice Under The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

Consumer fraud is widespread, especially in a weak economy. Service providers may cut corners, and dishonest sellers may deliberately or negligently deceive consumers in order to take advantage of them. Common types of consumer fraud include:

  • Home repair services paid for and not delivered
  • Financial product, food, or professional services contracts that promised one thing and delivered something else.
  • Overcharging for goods and services
  • Misleading or false advertising
  • “Bait and switch,” in which a seller offers one product and delivers an inferior product
  • Pressuring consumers to buy services or goods they do not need through misrepresentations

In order to encourage consumers to seek justice under the Act, those who are able to successfully prove a case may be entitled to treble damages and their reasonable attorney fees.

Consumer Fraud Act Defense for Businesses

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is designed to make it easier for consumers to recover from unscrupulous sellers. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that honest contractors and service providers are unfairly targeted. When that happens, it is essential for the business to mount a strong legal defense to avoid serious damage to their reputation and finances.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act can be a minefield for any business. Emily Declercq promptly and forcefully defends business clients against claims. In addition to defending against claims, Emily counsels builders and contractors up front to help ensure that their contract documents and bid procedures are compliant with the Consumer Fraud Act and prevent needless litigation.

Representing New Jersey Residents and Businesses in Consumer Fraud Matters

Declercq Law’s litigation practice focuses largely on consumer fraud matters. As an attorney who is deeply familiar with the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, attorney Emily Declercq is an effective advocate for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our priority when evaluating a potential consumer fraud case is on making sure the case has merit. If we agree to represent your matter, then you can be assured that we believe in it and that we will fight to protect you and your interests.

We invite you to contact our law firm to schedule a consultation regarding your consumer fraud matter or other litigation needs.