Aaron Twitchell, Hopewell NJ

Our mortgage situation was a nightmare but you would never know it with Emily Declercq.

Email after email, she navigated our complicated process with incredible skill, knowledge, and, frankly, patience. Emily was not to blame for ANY of our hurdles and yet she consistently outperformed what could be reasonably expected from a real estate attorney.

Perhaps most impressively, she handled the seller's attorney beautifully when that person's approach proved difficult. Some other outstanding aspects of her work with us include: responsiveness, efficiency, and just overall quality of her services. I still can't believe we received the kind of skill and professionalism for what we paid.

And now that we are in our first home our gratitude for Emily has continued to grow. If you are looking for a highly competent, yet personable attorney who is never surprised, never stumped, and never outworked, there is nobody better than Emily Declercq.