Charlize K.

As a transgender person I have struggled with our legal system. It was not something I had even considered as I accepted myself and opened up to family and friends. When I realized I might need help with changing my name I went to an attorney from a large firm. I paid the retainer after being told it should cover all the costs. I ended up doing the majority of the work. That included representing myself in court. I received a very large bill regardless. At that point I decided I couldn’t trust attorneys. I struggled through much of my legal work after that experience.

I was blessed when I met Ms. Declercq. She offered to help with my birth certificate which needed the proper name and gender. She also changed the deeds for some property I owned to reflect my reality.

With her firm I found the personal attention very reassuring. Having worked with a “prestigious" large firm the difference made the entire process less stressful and much more rewarding.

I would highly recommend her firm to any who need help from a diligent, competent, understanding attorney.