Jim Wagner

From our first conversation, Emily’s approach was as an ally and partner. She took in my details and instantly pivoted to assure me that she had expertise in the area, knowledge of the applicable law, bandwidth to get the job done, and confidence that made me feel good.

Lawyers can throw around legal terms that are understood by colleagues. Not always by clients. Emily was keen to explain the situation from a legal point of view, but then guided me using laymen’s terms and examples. So I felt comfortable with her strategy and I understood fully what was happening. She also made me aware of what steps were going to be taken and what the possible outcomes could be.

Fortunately, I don’t have a need for legal representation very often. But when I do, I am glad that Emily is my ally and will get back to me in a timely manner and with a strategic plan. She responds immediately, which reduces the stress.

Emily conducts here business affairs just as I do. I go to her for her expertise and ability to solve a problem. She does it in law. I do it in design. And when my clients come to me with a big challenge and I assure them that they can relax and I will take care of it because it’s what I do. “Don’t worry. I got this.” And that is exactly how I feel as Emily’s client. I don’t worry. She’s got this.