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We approach litigation with a boutique and targeted strategy, representing clients in both plaintiff and defense roles across a spectrum of cases. Our practice areas include consumer fraud, personal injury, and complex civil law matters. Founder Emily K. Declercq, with her rich background in consulting and as a multiple-term State Supreme Court clerk, brings a unique perspective to each case. Her experience spans issues of first impression in both criminal and civil law, and a decade of ghostwriting for complex litigation for larger firms.

Notable recent successes include securing recovery for a tragic tractor-trailer accident on I-95 and obtaining compensation exceeding damages in a case against a contractor who filed for bankruptcy following suit.* These cases underscore our commitment to rigorous legal representation and our capacity to navigate through intricate legal landscapes.

Personal injury cases vary greatly, from accidents at work to injuries in public places. We meticulously analyze the circumstances of each case these cases, using our legal knowledge to secure rightful compensation and hold responsible parties accountable..… Read More

Personal Injury Representation

Contract disputes demand a detailed examination of agreement terms and conditions. Our approach involves a thorough assessment of contractual obligations, breach implications, and the pursuit of equitable resolutions, drawing upon a broad spectrum of .… Read More

Contract Dispute Resolution

Consumer fraud cases require a deep understanding of both statutory and common law protections. Our practice dissects these intricate cases, addressing the nuances of deceptive business practices and advocating for the rights and remedies of those affected.… Read More

Consumer Fraud Litigation

What We Offer

Personal Injury Representation

Personal injury law is an area that deals with a wide spectrum of cases, each presenting its own set of challenges and nuances. From accidents in the workplace to public liability and beyond, our approach is to examine each case with an eye for detail and a deep understanding of the legal implications. Recognizing the personal and emotional impact these injuries can have, we combine our legal acumen with a sensitive approach, aiming to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.


Our firm is committed to providing prompt and attentive service, especially in urgent situations, offering priority consultations to address personal injury matters quickly and efficiently. We understand that time is often a critical factor in these cases, and we strive to respond rapidly to inquiries, providing guidance and support when it's most needed.

Our services include free priority consultations for personal injury matters, responding within minutes or hours of your inquiry.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of personal injury cases

  • Dedicated pursuit of fair compensation

  • Priority consultations for timely response

Please note: While we cannot guarantee results, our commitment to your case is unwavering. Should we be unable to represent you, we will assist in finding a suitable alternative firm. 

*Past results may not be typical and do not guarantee outcomes for future cases​.

Contract Dispute Resolution

Contract disputes form a significant portion of business litigation, encompassing a range of issues from disagreements over terms to breaches of contract. Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to these disputes, thoroughly reviewing contractual agreements to understand each party's obligations and the implications of any breaches. We recognize that these disputes can have far-reaching consequences for businesses, affecting their operations, finances, and relationships. Therefore, our aim is to navigate these disputes with a balanced and fair approach, seeking resolutions that are equitable for all parties involved. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, drawing upon various legal precedents and principles to craft solutions that align with our clients' best interests.

Services include:

  • Detailed examination of contract terms

  • Strategic approach to dispute resolution

  • Pursuit of equitable solutions for all parties involved

Please note: We cannot guarantee specific outcomes, but we are dedicated to providing the best possible representation. If we cannot take your case, we will help find another reputable firm to assist you.  *Past results may not be typical and do not guarantee outcomes for future cases​.

Consumer Fraud Litigation

Consumer fraud is a broad legal field that encompasses various forms of deceitful business practices aimed at consumers. These cases often involve complex interactions between businesses and individuals, where the latter are misled or financially harmed. Our firm is well-versed in navigating these complexities, focusing on unraveling the layers of deception to protect and advocate for our clients' rights. We approach each case with a detailed and methodical strategy, understanding that consumer fraud can manifest in many forms, from false advertising to misleading financial schemes. Our aim is to provide thorough and effective legal representation, adapting our approach to suit the unique aspects of each case, ensuring that clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve.

Our experience spans a range of consumer fraud scenarios, from misleading advertising to fraudulent transactions.

  • In-depth analysis of fraudulent practices

  • Legal strategy tailored to individual case specifics

  • Strong advocacy for consumer rights and remedies

Please note: Results cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to take your case, we will strive to connect you with another reputable firm. 

*Past results may not be typical and do not guarantee outcomes for future cases​.

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